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Handling of fault free codes for chillers

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2023-05-11 11:59

Problems with chillers generally have corresponding fault codes displayed, but some faults are not. What should I do if I have a faulty code? This article organizes several common no-code failures, you can understand the reference.

Respond to problems with no or low water flow

Common treatment plan: present this problem and the water filter small red dot outlet, water tank, filter screen, water pump suction pipe related. To check whether the water tank is filled with water, whether the air in the water system is not drained clean, you can pull out the water outlet to let the water naturally flow out of part, and then turn on after installation, press the small red dot on the filter to exhaust the air. Check whether the filter screen at the bottom of the tank is blocked with dirt, and if there is any, you can sort it out in time. Is the water pump suction port flat. If there is a rendering to replace or repair.

The most common problem is the decline in refrigeration

The commonly used treatment plan is: check the condenser and filter screen to see if the condenser heat sink is dirty, and whether the filter screen is not cleaned. If it is not cleaned, condenser and filter can be cleaned with compact air. Considering that the ambient temperature of the machine installation is high, it will form poor heat dissipation. At this time, make sure that the open chiller has good ventilation conditions. There should be a fixed distance between the machine and the wall. When the machine exceeds the normal service life, it is necessary to replace the tightening function to restore the original effect. There will also be refrigerant leakage in the system part. It is necessary to regularly check, repair and fill the refrigerant.

Deal with temperature instability

Commonly used treatment plan: when exceeding the set temperature difference, or always cooling, all the way to the temperature, to check whether the power supply voltage is too low, - the general voltage between 197-242V is normal. If the voltage is low, the refrigeration solenoid valve and the bypass solenoid valve cannot be converted normally. This is what we should pay attention to.