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How to use a chiller to save energy

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2023-05-11 12:00

1. Chiller (refrigerator) energy-saving principle 1: generate temperature, reduce condensation temperature Under the premise of meeting equipment safety and production needs, try to increase the evaporation temperature and reduce the condensation temperature. For this reason, the renovation of the cooling tower was increased to ensure the efficiency of the cooling water.


2. Prevent and reduce pipe fouling to improve the heat exchange efficiency of condenser and evaporatorSupplement waterIf the water treatment is not done well, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate are heated to produce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate will be deposited on the pipeline. The thermal conductivity decreases, affects the heat exchange efficiency of the condenser and evaporator, and greatly increases the operating electricity cost of the equipment. At this time, in addition to the use of water treatment technology, pipeline cleaning can also be carried out by using regular automatic cleaning equipment for pipeline cleaning.

3. Adjust the reasonable operating load of chiller (chiller) equipment Under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment, the power consumption per unit of cooling capacity is smaller when the refrigeration host runs at 70%-80% load than when running at 100% load. Use this method to boot the computer. Combined with the operation of water pumps and cooling towers, comprehensive consideration.


4. Using the frequency conversion device of the chiller (chiller), adjust the speed of the centrifugal chiller (chiller> compressor, and the pressure of the low-pressure refrigerant rises after passing through the centrifuge. The higher the speed of the centrifuge, the higher the pressure rises. In actual operation, the equipment is mostly running at partial capacity. Fixed-speed centrifuges waste energy when operating at low loads. The frequency conversion centrifugal chiller (refrigerator) can automatically adjust the compressor speed according to the change of load, and the energy-saving space is relatively large.