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How to reduce vibration and noise in industrial chillers

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2023-05-11 13:01

In the company's manufacturing theme activities, often encounter the industrial chiller cold compressor caused by the noise beyond all normal specifications, although from the world of the world on the industrial chiller cold compressor noise and vibration level of scientific research, noise source identification, noise and vibration all over, noise and vibration characteristics, noise and vibration manipulation level of scientific research is very little, at this stage China has not produced a set of detailed basic ideas and product development management system, general It is the fundamental point of using noise detection system software to identify vibration and noise sources, so as to adopt vibration and noise reduction countermeasures. The following countermeasures can also help everyone to master and deal with chiller maintenance problems on a very large level.

1. Industrial chiller compressor on-site rotor dynamic balance method to reduce DC vibration.


2. Calibrate the parallelism of the motor shaft of the industrial chiller and the bearing of the compressor spindle to absorb the shock.

Industrial chiller


3. Replace the soft coupling in different ways to reduce the noise of industrial chillers.


4. Tighten parts, improve installation gaps, reduce rolling bearing vibration, reduce equipment noise, and the industrial chiller compressor at the mouth of an oil and gas field does not run well, and common failures occur.

In view of the abnormal running sound in it, the key reasons for the analysis are that the anchor bolts of the compressor tightening are loose, the coupling between the compressor and the motor is not well aligned, and the motor rotor is not running well. According to the inspection and tightening of the anchor bolt tightening to achieve the standard value, adjust the coupling alignment, disassemble and replace the worn parts, adjust all kinds of installation gaps within the standard value range, the industrial chiller operation sound is normal.