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How to maintain and maintain the low-temperature chiller unit?

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2023-05-11 13:02

Low temperature chiller is a type of industrial chiller, many industries production on the temperature requirements are low, ordinary chillers can not meet the refrigeration requirements, so the need to use low temperature chillers, to provide minus tens of degrees or even minus 100 degrees chilled water. The working intensity of the low-temperature chiller is large, and it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance during use to avoid the failure of the low-temperature chiller and ensure that the equipment can work normally. So how to maintain the low-temperature chiller?

First, the maintenance and inspection of low-temperature chillers:

The low-temperature chiller needs to be troubled before use, and the whole machine needs to be overhauled. First of all, you need to check whether the power switch is normal, check whether the safety status of the fuse is good, and whether the connection of other parts of the chiller is normal, and ensure that everything is normal before starting operation. After using the chiller, a certain inspection should also be carried out to see if there is any failure due to use, and it should be dealt with in time.
In addition, after long-term use of low-temperature chillers, it is necessary to regularly check the use of heater copper tubes, refrigeration oil, oil filter elements, filter driers and other components, and replace them in time if there is damage or insufficient.

Second, the maintenance of low-temperature chillers:

No matter what type of chiller, cleaning is an important aspect of maintenance. The low-temperature chiller should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, and do not let the chiller accumulate too much dirt and affect the normal working efficiency of the equipment.
When the low-temperature chiller is not used for a long time, the cleaning of all parts of the equipment should be done, such as condenser, compressor and other important components need to pay attention to cleaning, as well as the cleaning of pipelines and filter surfaces, after all aspects are cleaned and maintained, the chiller can be packaged to avoid dust and other debris from entering the chiller.

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