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The common causes and solutions of water leakage in 8 chillers are worth it!

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2023-05-11 13:06


The premise of the normal operation of the chiller is that the water circulation, refrigerant circulation and electronic control system must be kept normal. If there is a problem on one side, the chiller will work abnormally and affect the production. If the chiller leaks, it usually happens in the water pipe. Connecting with the water pipe and solving it as soon as possible is conducive to the normal operation of the chiller.

Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of water leakage in the chiller. It is recommended to store them for later use.




The water circulation system of the chiller consists of inlet pipe, evaporator, outlet pipe, water tank, chilled water pump, cooling water pump, condenser, pipeline and valve. If there is a water leak, these parts are basically essential. Let's take a look at the water leakage of the chiller and how to solve it.

1. Water leakage at the inlet and outlet of the chiller is usually caused by loose or broken bolts at the joint, which can be repaired or replaced.

2. The evaporator shell of the chiller is leaking. Check whether the welding of the evaporator shell is leaking water, and repair it if necessary;

3. Water leakage at the float valve of the chiller. The float valve controls the opening and closing of the inlet valve according to the buoyancy force. The solution is to check and adjust the position of the ball valve. If damaged, it should be replaced and repaired.

4. Water leakage is caused by the perforation of the condenser inside the chiller. The solution is to find the point of failure and fix it.

5. During operation, the cooling water will fluctuate and leak due to the filling of the water tank in the chiller. The solution is to reduce the water level in the tank.

6. The water tank of the chiller leaks, which may be caused by the corrosion of the welding position of the water tank, and needs to be re-welded and repaired;

7. Water leakage occurs at the water pump of the chiller. Under normal circumstances, if the pump shaft seal is poorly connected or damaged, only need to replace the pump shaft seal;

8. Long-term tilting of the chiller will cause uneven force on the valve and pipeline of the chiller, crack and cause water leakage. The chiller should be placed horizontally according to the specifications;

If the chiller is slightly leaking, you should look for the leakage point along the waterway. If the chiller leaks in the water cooling system, it will lead to insufficient water flow, compressor high pressure alarm and other failures. If the leakage is not treated in time, it will also cause water accumulation at the bottom of the chiller, which will corrode the shell of the equipment and cause potential safety hazards to the electrical components of the equipment. Therefore, once the chiller is found to be leaking, it should be paid attention to.

If you can't find the reason, you should ask the chiller manufacturer for help, find a professional after-sales personnel for consultation, and operate it under the guidance of professional after-sales personnel. Don't fix it blindly.