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Application fields of chillers

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2023-05-11 13:07


With the progress of society, chillers have been widely used in various industries, let's understand the application field of chillers!

1. Food industry: used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt to packaging requirements and control the temperature of fermented foods.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: mainly used to control the temperature control of fermented drugs. Pharmaceutical companies should make full use of cooler equipment, continue to strengthen technological innovation according to their own advantages, and improve the cost-effectiveness of coolers, so as to better serve the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Plastic industry: accurately control the mold temperature of various plastic processing, shorten the plastic molding cycle, and ensure the stability of product quality.

4. Electronic industry: stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components on the production line and improve the qualification rate of electronic components.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning industry: effectively prevent the volatilization of expensive cleaning agents from causing harm to people.

6. Electroplating industry: control the plating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of electroplating parts, shorten the electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality.

7. Machinery industry: used to control the temperature of pressure oil in the oil pressure system, stabilize oil temperature and oil pressure, extend the use time of oil quality, improve mechanical lubrication efficiency, and reduce wear.