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Pay attention to the maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the chiller

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2023-05-11 13:08

The maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of the chiller is very necessary. The key is to know that in the huge market of refrigeration equipment, most customers first consider the quality of the chiller when choosing a chiller, because high-quality products will have a longer service life.

1. The air-cooled chiller unit should be opened according to whether the rotation of the fan is correct. If you open it forward, you can turn it on. Otherwise, this means that the power connection is reversed and the phase sequence must be replaced before start-up.

2. The set values of various protection devices of the chiller have been adjusted by the factory, and users should not change them at will.

3. When the chiller fails and gives an alarm and stops, the chiller should be repaired and maintained by pressing the stop button of the equipment (the alarm light will go out), and then check the cause of the failure, but not allow the operation to start until the fault is eliminated.

4. If it is not an emergency, it is not allowed to turn off the device by cutting off the main power. If the device is not used for a long time in winter, turn off the device first, then turn off the mains power, and drain the water in the system.

5. Keep the machine room clean and well ventilated, and clean the condenser regularly to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit.

6. The maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of the chiller should keep the cooling water tower clean, and keep the air circulation around the water tower and the temperature low, prevent debris from entering the cooling tower, and reduce the heat dissipation efficiency.

7. For air-cooled chillers, keep the surface of the chiller cooling coil clean to ensure that the surrounding air circulation and low temperature. Clean the dirt on the coil regularly to ensure good heat exchange.

8. If the chiller has been used for more than six months, or the high and low pressure switches often fail, or the refrigeration capacity is reduced, please arrange personnel to repair and maintain the chiller. If you have followed the above instructions for maintenance many times, and the chiller failure alarm still sounds, you should ask a professional chiller maintenance personnel for repair.