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Advantages of chillers

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2023-05-11 13:13


The reform of the contemporary refrigeration manufacturing industry needs to be caused by chillers. Due to the core concept of environmental protection in China, central air conditioning is an old-fashioned non-environmentally friendly household appliance, which will soon be replaced by chillers. After all, central air conditioning consumes energy on the one hand. On the other hand, the actual cooling effect is not very good. This chiller not only got rid of this defect, but is still being improved.

1. The project investment cost is low, but the actual effect is multiplied. According to scientific research experiments, under the same legal effect, the power consumption of the chiller is only 1/8 of the central air conditioner. This cost will save a lot of money compared to long-term use of air conditioners. This is a characteristic of the cooler.

2. Zero pollution and environmental protection. Modern society advocates environmental protection, and since the chiller adopts the new upgraded outdoor gas air cooling basic principle for cooling work, the traditional definition has not been lowered, that is, it is not easy to apply air conditioning Freon . Of course, it is a more environmentally friendly product.

3. The cooling speed is faster and the effect is very good. Due to the environmental hazards in different regions, the actual effect of chiller application is different. For example, in the humid areas of the south, the rate of cooling reaches 5-9 degrees, while on the northern side it reaches 10-15 degrees.

4. Low noise, easy to install, and maintain ambient humidity. Due to the small footprint of the chiller, parts are not inevitable and easy to install independently. In similar products in China, due to the small vibration, it is not easy to squeak, which is good for the skin to increase the ambient humidity at work.