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Common Knowledge of Summer Chiller Maintenance

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2023-05-11 13:14

The arrival of hot summer affects the refrigeration performance of the refrigeration unit to a certain extent. In order to ensure the normal operation of the chiller in summer, air-cooled chillers are now used in summer when the ambient temperature is relatively low. Let's communicate with customers and friends about the relevant matters and maintenance methods that should be paid attention to.


Specific preventive measures and maintenance methods are as follows:


1. In order not to affect the cooling effect of the chiller, please ensure the normal continuous operation of the laser equipment. Please place the chiller in a clean and ventilated place with good heat dissipation (it is recommended to place it outdoors with a sunshade, and there is no large heat source within 2M of the device).


2. Please clean the condenser regularly, and try to clean the dust on the condenser heat sink with no less than 0.8Mpa gas (usually nitrogen) or soft brush (purged perpendicular to the heat sink to prevent the heat sink from blowing off) every week. In order to avoid poor heat dissipation of the condenser during long-term operation of the equipment, this will cause the chiller to be protected by high pressure, and the compressor will not start and affect customer use.


3. Please remind customers to clean the water tank regularly and change the water frequently. Usually, replace the purified water once a month and clean the tank (wash with detergent and rinse) at the same time to ensure that the water quality of the chiller is clean.


4. In order to avoid abnormal circulation of the chiller, please remind customers to replace the water filter frequently. If the white filter element is found to be pork liver color, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it is easy to cause chiller interruption, underflow and flow alarm, and even cause the filter cup to break.


5. Pay attention to the monthly maintenance of the chiller, thoroughly clean the internal pipes of the equipment once a month, and carefully check whether there is oil in the refrigeration pipes. If there are oil stains, and the heat dissipation effect of the equipment is not good, ask a professional to check and maintain.



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