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Welding precautions for chillers

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2023-05-11 13:17

Chiller is a kind of mechanical equipment, mainly used in various industrial products in professional refrigeration. It should be said that various types of chiller products need to be welded. Sometimes the welding quality in the production of industrial chillers will directly affect the service life of the product. Therefore, attention must be paid to ensuring welding quality during welding processing and production. So, how to perform welding to better ensure the quality of industrial chiller products?


In fact, in the welding process of industrial chiller production, some problems need to be paid attention to. For example, there are certain requirements for the welding environment of industrial chillers. If there is cadmium in the welding material, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the welding site and ensure that the smoke will not be inhaled by people or come into contact with the skin of the eyes. Cadmium smoke is highly toxic.


In addition, the welding of various parts of the industrial chiller should pay attention to whether the welding place is dusty. If so, it should be wiped clean first. Usually, you can use high-quality stainless steel wool to clean the outer surface, and instead use the inner surface. Stainless steel wire brush or stainless steel cotton roll for cleaning. At the same time, the welded parts must have a sufficient contact area.


Industrial chillers usually do not have high requirements for the operating environment, and can operate and work normally in various unfavorable industrial environments. They can provide high-precision constant temperature cold water medium for different industrial products. Industrial chillers are now widely used in injection molding, automotive, electronics, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, masonry, steel and other industrial fields.