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The temperature change of the chiller and the process of regular inspection

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2023-05-11 13:20

During operation, the chiller is a device that can provide constant temperature cooling water. At some stage, industrial chillers can always output ice water below ambient temperature. It can be used where cooling is required. It can cool directly or transfer heat indirectly. This chiller can be used to reduce the temperature of injection molds, improve the quality of plastic products, cool vacuum coating, and control the temperature of vacuum coating machine.



The chiller can effectively cool the water and recycle it when running. The cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted on request. Almost no water is consumed during operation. It can be used for a long time. Save water, so compared to the mode of using tap water cooling equipment, industrial chillers are an ideal device to quickly achieve the desired cooling effect and save energy.



During the operation of the chiller, it is necessary to regularly check whether the voltage and current of the water-cooled chiller are stable and whether the operating sound of the compressor is normal. If it is a semi-hermetic compressor during operation, the oil level must be checked regularly, and the normal should be greater than 2/3 of the window. When the water-cooled chiller works normally, the voltage is 380V, and the current is normal in the range of 11A-15A.



During the operation of the chiller, it is necessary to regularly check whether the refrigerant of the water-cooled chiller leaks. To some extent, you can refer to the parameters displayed on the high and low voltage meters on the front panel of the main unit. Depending on the temperature change (winter, summer), the pressure display of the chiller will also be different. When the chiller is working normally, it is normal for the general high pressure display to be 11-17kg, and the low pressure display to be 3.5kg-5kg.



Whether the cooling water system of the chiller is normal, whether the cooling tower fan and sprinkler shaft are running well to a certain extent, and whether the water supply of the water tank of the water-cooled chiller is normal. The water-cooled chiller should be replaced with new water every 3 months. If it cannot be replaced, add rust remover.