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Maintenance methods for flat plate quick freezer

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2023-05-11 13:21

Maintenance method of flat freezer:

1. Remove dust and mist.
When dust or other substances accumulate on the compressor coil, it reduces the efficiency of the compressor. If the compressor works too long, it will burn out.

2. Do not touch the cabinet with acidic food, the high acidity in
many foods will also cause corrosion in the plate freezer. Foods such as tomatoes and pickles release acids that can corrode in flatbed freezers over time. To avoid this, store the entire refrigerator in a plastic, noncorrosive, food container and use a well-sealed lid.

3. Keep the drainage smooth.
The sewer is at the bottom of the flatbed freezer. This groove is the channel for all internal condensation. Once the excess liquid leaves the drain, it flows to the drip tray, where the water is heated and evaporated. If the drain is blocked, condensate will accumulate and there will be nowhere to go. This resulted in water immersion inside the flat freezer and freezing in the freezer. These two conditions will bring a harsher environment to the condenser, making it more difficult to operate than normal operation, and there is a risk of burnout.
Avoid unnecessary maintenance and clean emissions from refrigeration units daily. Clean the inside of the flatbed freezer every day, taking special care to ensure that the drainage area is free of blockages.

4. Check the gasket once a week.
Precious and expensive chilled air can escape through small gaps. As air escapes, the compressor and condenser must continue to work at above-average speeds to maintain a constant temperature. This can easily lead to overwork of the flat freezer, which can lead to coil burnout. So check the gasket once a week.


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