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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of real ice skating rinks around the school

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2023-05-11 13:23

Ice skating is a leisure activity that strengthens the body and relaxes the body, which can enrich our leisure life. Real ice skating rinks around schools generally attract a large number of students to skate, so what are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's give you a brief introduction.

First, the advantages:

1. The geographical advantages of site selection. Being near the school can attract a large number of students.

2. Advantages of market positioning. The main skaters are students, but there are also some adults, who are mostly motivated by hobbies and interests.

Second, disadvantages:

1. There are many competitors such as KTV, Internet cafes, and computer games, among which Internet cafes are more attractive to students. The alternatives to entertainment are strong, and in addition, skating is a new form of entertainment popular among college students. Most people can't skate, so most people may choose other methods of entertainment.

2. Technical and management limitations: The technical instructor of the real ice skating rink is not very good, and the management system is not perfect.

3. There is a time breakpoint in the operator. That is, there are particularly few class hours Monday to Friday and more people on weekends, and the opportunity cost of the venue from Monday to Friday increases.

4. The facilities of the real ice skating rink are not perfect.


III. Opportunities:

1. Mainly couples go skating, and now skating is also popular among young people who like excitement, and there is a lot of room for development.

2. Kit service can also be provided, drinks and tea can be sold together.

3. The song table can be designed as a coin-operated song style, and customers can exchange cash for song coins at the bar. That is, revenue can be increased while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue without sacrificing quality.

4. Adopt effective pricing strategies to stimulate consumption. Cost: In addition to 5 yuan per person for girls and 8 yuan per person for boys, you can also issue membership cards through student cards to stimulate consumption and other activities.

IV. Threats:

1. The biggest threat is that the real ice skating rink is getting higher and higher.

2. Expenses and care sites are higher.

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