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The advantages and characteristics of flat plate freezer

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2023-05-11 13:24

Plate quick-freezer is a high-efficiency freezing equipment that freezes a large number of products below minus 25 degrees and in a short time after proper pretreatment of fresh raw materials, in order not to lose nutrients, the color of the product will not change, and the crystals will be transparent. Quick-frozen food can completely maintain the original quality of food at low temperature without using any preservatives or additives, so quick-frozen food has the characteristics of delicious, convenient, fast, fresh, healthy and hygienic.

Advantages of flat freezer products:

1. Stable and reliable, extremely low failure rate;

2. Minimal heat loss and significant energy saving;

3. Uniform freezing of goods, no dead angles, fast freezing speed;

4. Save the floor space of the library;

5. Save cargo pallets;

6. Save the investment of shelves or quick-frozen vehicles;

7. The quick-freezing amount is accurate, the freezing is uniform, and there is no dead angle.


Flat freezer product features:

1. Large-capacity frozen products under the same power;

2. Low energy consumption, when the fixed output of frozen products is reached, it is relatively more energy-saving;

3. Safer and hygienic, simple operation, easy to clean;

4. The equipment is reliable, the equipment parts are selected from high-specification products, and the equipment operation is more stable.

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