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Advantages of food freezers

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2023-05-11 13:26

Food freezers continue to develop in the field of quick-frozen meat products at home and abroad. Nowadays, vegetarianism is strongly promoted, and the consumption of meat products has not decreased, which also shows that meat products are essential for people. The main nutrients of fresh meat (frozen beef, lamb, pork, chicken, meat) are protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. Comparing the diets of Europe, America and China, we found that Europeans and Americans choose to eat meat, especially beef and chicken, which have a slightly higher protein content than pork, about 20%, while pork has a protein content of about 16%. It can be said that protein is the main nutrient in meat products. Food undergoes various changes during the freezing process, such as changes in cell organization, physical changes, chemical changes, changes in microorganisms, etc.


Food freezers have the following advantages:

Short quick-freezing time, long fresh-keeping time, good food quality, health and environmental protection.

(1) Avoid the creation of large ice crystals between cells.

(2) Reduce the external water of the cells, and the juice will be lost when thawed.

(3) Significantly shorten the time when solutes come into contact with various components in food tissues, colloids and cell tissues, reducing the harm of concentration.

(4) Food is rapidly reduced to a temperature below the growth activity of microorganisms, which beneficially resists the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions.

(5) Aquatic liquid quick-freezing and preservation equipment: quick-freezing, quick-freezing (only a few minutes to more than ten minutes), high efficiency, low operating costs.

(6) Due to the use of ultra-low temperature freezing technology, the virus can be completely killed when the product is quickly frozen.

(7) The short residence time of food in the freezing equipment is conducive to improving the utilization rate of the food freezer.

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Advantages of food freezers