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What are the characteristics of Ruixue Refrigeration LCD screen freezing and splitting refrigerators.

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2023-05-11 13:27

Product Features:

1 The minimum temperature of the industrial refrigeration split refrigerator can reach about -150 degrees, the cooling speed is fast, it is a substitute for liquid nitrogen refrigerator, directly plugged into the circulation refrigeration, and the cost of screen removal has been reduced a lot.

2. The temperature of the box freezing screen removal is uniform, hundreds of LCD screens can be placed at one time, the efficiency of disassembly is very high, and this product is the first to be recommended for manufacturers with large quantities, and the yield can reach more than 95%.

3. The outer box of the product is cold-rolled plate spraying, the appearance is exquisite, the inner tank is 304 stainless steel box, not easy to corrode and rust. The volume can be determined according to the customer's own production volume.

4 The compressor adopts the original French imported compressor, the refrigeration accessories are the well-known brand Danfoss, Emerson, etc., the electrical is the German imported brand Schneider, and the power supply is the Taiwan brand Meanwell power supply.

5. The refrigerator adopts digital touch screen control, which is simple and clear for the operator to use. The touch screen has a beautiful appearance and generous, and the equipment use temperature can be adjusted according to the parameters of the product.

6. The refrigerator is horizontal, the upper door is foamed with a thick layer, and the upper door is opened to reduce the loss of cold capacity, and the opening of the door is also flexible and convenient. The door has a strong sealing strip, so that the cooling capacity of the refrigerator will not be lost when it cools down, and the refrigerator cools down quickly.