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Recruiting multiple refrigeration engineers

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2023-05-11 13:29

Due to production needs, many refrigeration engineers are urgently recruited

The requirements are as follows:

1. College degree or above in low-temperature refrigeration engineering, air conditioning and HVAC engineering;

2. Familiar with the production, assembly and design and engineering process of industrial chiller and screw chiller, can calculate material table, select spare parts, calculate refrigeration and heating load, refrigerant piping, engineering drawing, etc.

3. More than 2 years of HVAC and refrigeration construction unit design experience, proficient in the professional knowledge and specifications of the specialty, able to independently complete the major design tasks of the specialty;

4. Proficient in CAD, PRO-E and other three-dimensional software, diligent and dedicated, with good professional ethics, able to work under pressure;

5. Familiar with refrigeration electrical control, automatic control design and assembly;

6. The treatment is excellent, and the development space is broad.

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