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The chiller should be kept clean, and quality is the key to achieving Ruixue

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2023-05-11 13:34

Nowadays, the application of cold water mechanism cooling technology is also increasingly extensive, and has penetrated into all fields of people's daily life and industrial production activities, from daily clothing, food, housing, transportation, to China's high-tech science and technology are inseparable from refrigeration technology.

Please keep the surface of the chiller filter clean, air circulation around the filter, clean the filter regularly, generally purge the filter once in three weeks. Reduce the phenomenon of mold "sweating". Before stopping the plastic machine, turn off the cold water gate of the attached mold, or turn off the cold water to increase the water temperature in the mold cavity, so that the mold will not produce rust.

Ruixue Refrigeration always puts quality first, first-class quality is the root cause of the long-term development of Ruixue Refrigeration, and the stable and safe performance of Ruixue industrial chillers is guaranteed. Ruixue puts product quality first, which is not boasted, but obtained through practice and facts. Ruixue chillers are trusted by customers in the market, relying on product quality. At the same time, Ruixue provides a complete after-sales service line, so that customers who purchase Ruixue chillers have more worry-free. Buy Ruixue and save all worries. Refrigeration attentively, solving customer problems, and improving the quality and level of refrigeration are the unremitting pursuit of Shenzhen Ruixue Refrigeration Company.