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Shenzhen Ruixue tells you about the refrigeration process of a refrigerator

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2023-05-11 13:35

The freezer is divided into two types: air cooling and water cooling, household air conditioning is the form of air cooling, and the water cooling method is to use water to take the heat away, commonly used water cooling with cooling tower, it is by the water pump to the freezer condenser to release water with heat to the top of the cooling tower, through the water distributor to scatter the water evenly distributed into the "packing", the gap in the packing has the cooling tower fan to cool the water down, to achieve the purpose of water cooling.


The high-temperature gaseous refrigerant entering the condensing coil is exchanged with water and air sprayed on the outside of the coil through the coil wall, and the temperature of the refrigerant gas decreases as the time in the tube increases, gradually changing from gaseous to liquid. With the super wind power of the fan, the spray water fully covers the outer surface of the coil, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency. After spraying water and air absorbing the heat of the coil wall, the temperature rises, and part of the water changes from liquid to gaseous state, taking away a large amount of heat on the pipe wall, and the water in the humid hot air is intercepted by the water baffle and introduced into the PVC heat exchange layer, and the hot air is discharged. The water in the PVC heat exchange layer is cooled by the fresh air flowing through, the temperature is reduced, it flows into the sump, and then it is pumped into the spray system and continues to circulate. The water lost into the air is automatically adjusted and replenished by the water level control.


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