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Ruixue Refrigeration shares diversified options for chiller power supply

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2023-05-11 13:33

Electricity, from industrial electricity to household electricity, all reveal its importance in daily life and work! The power supply is a device that provides power for various electronic devices, mechanical equipment, etc., and can provide the electrical energy required by all components of electronic/mechanical products. The size of the power supply, whether the current and voltage are stable, will directly affect the working performance and service life of electronic/mechanical products, it can be seen that the correct selection of power supply is the top priority. In the refrigeration industry, in order to meet the needs of market development and the different choices of customers, the power supply of freezers is also diversified.


In general, whether it is a water-cooled freezer, a screw freezer or an open freezer, their power supply is designed according to 3-phase 380V 50HZ. But air-cooled freezers are different, for 1p air-cooled freezers, 2p air-cooled freezers, their power supply can be 3-phase 220V 50HZ, or 2-phase 220 50HZ. The 5p air-cooled freezer-10p air-cooled freezer can choose between 3-phase 220V 50HZ and 3-phase 380V 50HZ according to the actual needs of the customer's factory, and the air-cooled freezer larger than 10P directly uses the 3-phase 380V 50HZ power supply.


In addition, Europe and the United States and other countries have certain differences in the power supply choice of freezers, no matter which type of freezer, they often use 3-phase 415V 60HZ power supply.

Therefore, for the scope of power supply of industrial freezers, remind customers to choose according to the actual needs of the factory, if the power supply is unstable or too large and too small, it will directly affect the working performance and service life of industrial freezers.