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Chiller manufacturer Ruixue Refrigeration: Cleaning of the condenser and evaporator of screw chillers

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2023-05-11 13:32

The cooling water of the water-cooled condenser of the screw freezer is an open circulation loop, and the tap water generally used is recycled through the cooling tower. When the content of calcium salt and magnesium salt in water is large, it is easy to decompose and deposit on the cooling water pipe to form scale, affecting heat transfer. Excessive fouling will also reduce the flow section of the cooling water, reduce the amount of water, and increase the condensation pressure. Therefore, when the water quality of the cooling water used is poor, the cooling water pipe is cleaned at least once a year to remove scale and other dirt in the pipe. There are usually two ways to clean the condenser water pipe of the screw freezer:

(1) Use a special pigging gun to clean the tube.

(2) Use a special cleaning agent to circulate rinsing, or fill in cooling water, wait 24h and then replace the solution until it is cleaned.