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Ruixue Refrigeration: Factors that Determine the Installation Quality of Cold Storage

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2023-05-11 13:31

The factors affecting the quality of a cold storage are diverse, the following two aspects have a great impact on the quality of the cold storage, in the construction of the cold storage, as long as you grasp the direction, the entire cold storage installation quality can be guaranteed. The following Ruixue Refrigeration has sorted out the relevant content for you:

First of all, the cold storage installation cold storage refrigeration system is the core of the cold storage site, and its selection is a crucial part of the cold storage construction project. The refrigeration system is mainly composed of four parts: compression system, condensing system, evaporation system and regulating valve, in addition to fans, conduits and instruments and other accessories. The entire refrigeration system is a sealed circulation loop in which the refrigerant circulates to control the supply and the number of times it enters the evaporator as needed to obtain suitable low temperature conditions.

Under normal circumstances, fully enclosed compressors are mainly used for small cold storage. Due to the small power consumption of the fully enclosed compressor, the price is relatively cheap; Medium-sized cold storage generally adopts semi-hermetic compressors; Semi-hermetic compressors are selected for large cold storage. When the evaporator site of the cold storage is selected, the air cooler is selected as the evaporator for the high-temperature cold storage, which is characterized by fast cooling speed, but it is easy to cause moisture loss in the refrigerated product; The medium and low temperature cold storage is mainly made of seamless steel pipe, which is characterized by good constant temperature effect and timely cold storage. In the current cold storage installation industry, it is already a familiar experience of cold storage installation friends, but it is still worth paying attention to.

Secondly, the choice of thermal insulation materials is also very important, the selection of cold storage thermal insulation materials must be adapted to local conditions, not only to have good thermal insulation performance, but also to be economical and practical. There are several types of thermal insulation materials, one can be sprayed with polyurethane foam, the material is sprayed directly into the built floor tiles or concrete warehouse, after the shape is both moisture-proof and heat insulated. The thermal insulation material plate includes polyurethane, polystyrene and so on. Polyurethane does not absorb water and has good heat insulation, but the cost is higher at the current market price of cold storage installation; Polystyrene has strong water absorption, poor heat insulation, and is currently low cost in the cold storage installation market.

Modern cold storage structure is developing in a positive assembly, including moisture-proof layer and heat insulation layer basement body components, to achieve on-site assembly, its advantages are convenient construction, fast, and movable, but the cost is relatively high. The other is processed into a fixed shape and specification of floor blocks, with fixed length, width and thickness, according to the needs of the cold storage body installation needs to choose the corresponding specifications of floor blocks, high and medium temperature cold storage generally use 10 cm thick floor plate, low temperature cold storage and frozen cold storage generally use 12 cm or 15 cm thick floor block.