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Talking about paying attention to electrical issues during the installation of cold storage

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2023-05-11 13:31

The power supply line for cold storage installation should be a dedicated branch circuit, and its capacity should be greater than 1.5 times the maximum current value of the system.

First of all, the electricity consumption of cold storage is very large, so be sure to ground the wire; Otherwise, it will cause static electricity or even leakage of the shell of the body, endangering personal safety; The power cord or control line should be strictly connected with a crimping card (wire clamp), otherwise it will cause loosening and produce ignition and disconnection, leaving hidden dangers.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use non-standard power cords; All special lines for cold storage should be equipped with line protection devices such as air switches or leakage protection, otherwise fire may be caused by plugs, sockets, wires, etc.; If there is no corresponding air switch or leakage protection switch, it will not be able to prevent the ground short circuit and leakage accidents caused by equipment failure or unexpected circumstances, and it is impossible to disconnect the power supply in time, which is easy to cause fire and personal injury accidents.

It is strictly forbidden to replace the fuse tube (wire) with copper wire or wire, and the fuse tube (wire) of the same specification should be replaced after the fuse tube is blown out; Otherwise, the fuse (wire) does not work, making the circuit board lose protection, easily damage the chip and other components, and even burn the circuit board.

The indoor and outdoor electrical connections of the cold storage installation site should not be affected by tensile and torsional stress; Otherwise, it will cause short circuit or equipment failure and leakage accident caused by the power line.

After the maintenance is completed, the system must be comprehensively inspected to eliminate hidden dangers, including whether the terminal block or connecting wire connector is loose, aging phenomenon, metal cover is stuck in the wire, etc

Compressor package design selection:

No matter what brand of compressor unit is selected, it is determined according to the evaporation temperature of the active cold storage site and the effective working volume of the cold storage, and also refers to the condensation temperature, storage volume, cargo in and out frequency and other parameters of frozen or refrigerated items.