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Cold storage manufacturer: Several aspects should be noted during cold storage installation

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2023-05-11 13:30

Cold storage installation is the most important part of the project, the preliminary preparation work mainly includes from the selection of cold storage site, to the design of cold storage construction drawings, the selection of cold storage refrigeration equipment, the setting of cold storage temperature and so on. The next is the cold storage installation, cold storage manufacturer Ruixue reminds you that you should pay attention to the following aspects when installing cold storage:
1. The installation of cold storage should be in a strong and stable place. Combined cold storage installation requires a horizontal concrete base. When the foundation is tilted and uneven, the base must be repaired and flattened.
2. The cold storage installation storage plate is a steel frame lightweight prefabricated heat insulation panel assembly structure, and the cold storage of composite plate cold storage is a single-layer form. Its load-bearing components are mostly made of thin-walled steel. The inner and outer panels of the library plate are made of colored steel plate (the base material is galvanized steel sheet), and the core material of the library plate is foamed rigid polyurethane or pasted polystyrene foam board. Since all components except the ground are prefabricated in a professional factory according to the unified standard and assembled on site, the construction progress is fast and the construction period is short.
3. The cold storage is installed in a well-ventilated and low-humidity place. After installation, condensation sometimes occurs before the concrete base dries through. When the humidity is abnormally high during the rainy season, condensation will occur on the joints of the warehouse floor, and in a very small case, condensation will also occur on the renovated warehouse board, which is a temporary phenomenon and should be wiped when necessary.
4. In addition to bearing the maximum heat load of the basement, the cooling capacity also needs to take into account the possible ground failure of the device and future maintenance.

5. Drainage of cold storage. The drainage of the reservoir is discharged using drainage pipes. Water is often discharged, so direct the drainage to a place where it can flow smoothly. During the installation of cold storage, a U-shaped pipe must be installed on the drainage pipe, and the installation of a U-shaped pipe can prevent the leakage of air conditioning, insects, and rats. There is no U-shaped pipe on the drain pipe, which sometimes causes corrosion of the unit.