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Precautions for refrigeration equipment

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2023-05-11 11:59

Precautions for refrigeration equipment

  1. The unit must operate in the "automatic" state, and the "manual" operation state is limited to professional commissioning.
  2. The cold water and cooling water system start-stop control interlocks must be carried out according to the requirements of Shuangliang, otherwise it is possible to freeze the pipe.
  3. When the refrigeration operation is turned on, the water pump must be turned on first, and then the cooling water pump must be turned on, and after the dilution shutdown, the cooling water pump must be stopped first, otherwise it will cause frozen pipes.
  4. It is forbidden to arbitrarily condition or open the valve of the unit, and the secondary seal of the valve must be applied with Loctite glue and tightened.
  5. When the temperature of the machine room is lower than 20C and the shutdown exceeds 8 hours, all the refrigerant water of the evaporator must be bypassed, and when the temperature of the machine room is lower than 5C, the water accumulation in the heat transfer pipe of the unit should be drained. If there is intermittent heating in winter, antifreeze should be added to the water system, otherwise it will cause freezing pipes. When the cooling water temperature is lower than 10C, it is forbidden to start the unit manually.
  6. Vacuum life requirements:
  7. After the unit is entrusted for use, without the permission of the commissioning personnel, the vacuum pump shall not be arbitrarily started to pump the unit gas. When the vacuum pump is started in an emergency, it must be operated in accordance with the operation specifications, and the gas ballast valve must be opened for a long time, and the condensate in the pump must be discharged on schedule. If the solution enters the pump, it should be rinsed with vacuum pump oil in time, otherwise the vacuum pump will be damaged.
  8. Under the condition of poor vacuum conditions in the aircraft, it is forbidden to forcibly run the unit, otherwise it will cause catastrophic injury to the unit.
  9. During the operation process, the vacuum of the unit must be confirmed every month on schedule, and the confirmation standard: the unit runs continuously for one month, does not vacuum, and the refrigeration capacity has no attenuation tendency.
  10. All seals of the unit should be replaced in time according to the cycle, seals of the same model and the same data should be used, and the correct replacement method should be adopted.