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Dual machine cascade refrigeration unit

RX (FD) series cascade refrigeration unit is a low-temperature refrigerant designed to provide users with -35°C~-80°C recycling.

Single machine cascade freezer (-80 ℃~160 ℃)

The company has achieved multiple technological breakthroughs in the research and development, design, production, and sales of a single compressor ultra-low temperature cascade refrigeration machine (-80 ℃~160 ℃), which has independent intellectual property rights and is an environmentally friendly refrigerant with multiple mixed refrigerants. It has gradually replaced the traditional multi compressor cascade refrigeration system and liquid nitrogen refrigeration method, and has been widely used in various industries.

High precision cold and hot integrated machine

High-precision hot and cold integrated machine (-120°C~+350°C)(accuracy±0.1°C) The high and low temperature all-in-one machine does not need to replace the heat conduction medium, can directly heat up and cool, use a fully closed system, high temperature without oil mist, no peculiar smell.

High and low temperature integrated machine

High and low temperature all-in-one machine Fully enclosed pipeline design, single medium temperature control, improve utilization rate. Temperature range: -150°C~300°C

Low temperature flat plate disassembly refrigerator separator

-175 ° CTP disassembly freezer, module disassembly refrigerator, LCD screen disassembly refrigerator, repair rework split capacitive screen freezer through the cold air in the box and touch screen cold and hot exchange to cool it, so that OCA glue optical glue loses viscosity at low temperature, in order to separate the LCD LCD screen from the LCM assembly (that is, the LCD screen is separated from the TP), or the TP is peeled off to recycle the LCD LCD screen or ITO glass screen, or refurbish the touch screen (touch panel).

-160 ℃ large-sized LCD screen freezer separator

120 inch LCD freezer disassembly refrigerator, 55 inch LCD screen freezer disassembly refrigerator, -170°C freezer, -160°C freezer, 55 inch freezer, freezer separation refrigerator, large size display split, 120 inch LCD freezer disassembly refrigerator, 55 inch LCD screen freezer disassembly refrigerator

-150 ℃ industrial freezer and metal cryogenic treatment box

-150°C industrial freezer, metal cryogenic treatment box, bearing assembly freezer, industrial cryogenic freezer, cryogenic industrial refrigerator, cryogenic assembly box, metal cryogenic treatment box, ultra-low temperature freezer, ultra-low temperature freezer, industrial cryogenic freezer, low-temperature cryogenic cryogenic box.

0 ℃~-120 ℃ low-temperature constant temperature bath

Cryogenic coolant circulation pump, high-precision low-temperature constant temperature tank, is a mechanical, single-compressor self-cascading refrigeration technology of low-temperature liquid circulation equipment. It can meet the needs of -40°C.-60°C.-80°C.-100°C.-120°C.-140°C low temperature zone

Oil and gas recovery device

With the deterioration of the global environment and the enhancement of environmental awareness, China has successively introduced a series of environmental protection policies, mandatory provisions must set up oil and gas recovery systems to recover and utilize volatile oil and gas from storage and transportation facilities such as storage tanks and loading and unloading trucks and ships to prevent air pollution.

Plate type quick freezer

The internal aluminum plate of the contact plate freezer can be moved horizontally up and down, and heat exchange is realized through double-sided contact with the frozen product, and the product is quickly frozen.

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