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Plate type quick freezer

The internal aluminum plate of the contact plate freezer can be moved horizontally up and down, and heat exchange is realized through double-sided contact with the frozen product, and the product is quickly frozen.

Tuna/salmon refrigerator

This is a common and simple preservation method, in addition to crushed ice, generally can also be added 3~7% NaCl when making ice, an appropriate amount of sorbitol and compound food phosphate, the fish is washed and cut into 3~5cm thick fish fillets, put into a plastic film bag, and then put into a plastic frame in the form of layers of fish layer ice in 2~-4 °C cold storage storage, small tuna can also be not sliced, directly covered with crushed ice, with this method can generally make tuna freshness period up to 40 days.

Liquid freezer

The "cryogenic liquid freezer" developed and designed and produced by our company subverts the traditional gas freezing mode and is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient and multi-purpose revolutionary high-tech quick-freezing and preservation equipment.

Quick freezing warehouse

Our company undertakes all kinds of large, medium and small cold storage, fresh-keeping storage, quick-frozen storage, logistics cold storage, pharmaceutical cool storage, experimental storage, constant temperature storage, explosion-proof storage, garbage cold storage, prefabricated cold storage and civil cold storage, as well as ultra-low temperature cold storage (-45 °C ~ -110 °C) design, production, sales, installation, maintenance and other one-stop services.

Frozen/refrigerated storage

"Ruixue" brand cold storage, the insulation board is made of high-density polyurethane as the core material, and the outside is made of embossed aluminum plate, color steel plate, salted steel plate, galvanized sheet and stainless steel plate Plywood insulation library board.

Tunnel type quick freezer

Quick freezing tunnel, tunnel quick freezer, assembly line quick freezer, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Spiral freezer

Spiral freezer is a kind of compact structure, wide application, small footprint, large freezing capacity of efficient and energy-saving quick-freezing device. At present, it is the preferred equipment for frozen meat and other frozen products such as quick-frozen meat at home and abroad.

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