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Low temperature liquid bath

The cryogenic liquid bath is a high-precision constant temperature source with its own refrigeration, which can be used as a constant temperature source for constant temperature freezing experiments in the tank in the machine, or connected to other equipment through a hose.

Small liquid nitrogen machine

The micro-small nitrogen liquefier adopts cryogenic mixed working fluid throttling refrigerator as the cooling source, which has a compact structure and can continuously and conveniently supply liquid nitrogen, which can be used as a supply source for small amounts of liquid nitrogen in the region

Freezing separator

Now LCD display applications are not only limited to mobile phones. Notebooks, computers, navigators, are now gradually used in various query machines, advertising machines, educational machines, electronic blackboards, televisions and other visualization products.

Low temperature cold trap/capture pump

Capture water vapor and harmful gases emitted from vacuum drying boxes or vacuum concentration devices, improve the efficiency of the vacuum system, significantly reduce the steam intake of the vacuum pump, and extend the service life of the vacuum pump.

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