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Vertical industrial refrigerator




Industrial Chiller Unit (7-35 ℃)

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Vertical industrial refrigerator

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    Ultra-low temperature freezer equipment: suitable for ultra-low temperature freezing testing of various materials. Biological products, food quick-frozen preservation, bearing cold shrinkage assembly, precision mechanical parts assembly, various hot work molds, cold work mold assembly; Gear and shaft assembly of various gearboxes and gearboxes, stator and rotor assembly of various motors; Automotive parts, engine parts, suitable for high-speed steel measuring tools, cutting knives, oil pumps, oil nozzles, micro motor shafts, automotive bearings, golf heads, rolls, cryogenic valves, tools, measuring tools, molds, casting industry, hardware, auto parts, textile parts, jing dense stamping dies, nanomaterials, jing dense plastic molds, cutting tools, hobbing cutters, screw punches, knitting machine parts, jing dense spring, aluminum alloy materials, motor shafts, screw tooth plates, powder metallurgy molds, packaging molds, Tungsten carbide materials, pneumatic tool parts, golf heads, racing engines, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, cemented carbide, plastics, rubber, asphalt, glass, drill bits for mountain geology, oil nozzles, springs, gears, bearings, saw blades, turbine shafts of engines, rolls, valves, high-speed tool steels, cemented carbide tools and various drills, mechanical parts, medicine, bioengineering, aerospace and other metal materials cryogenic treatment, interference cold installation of various parts and ultra-low temperature environment simulation and other need for low-temperature use. High temperature control accuracy and wide temperature control range.

    Refrigeration principle

    Cryogenic refrigeration takes place in a closed refrigeration system. The compressor inhales the low-pressure gas refrigerant in the evaporator from the low-pressure end, and at the same time compresses it into high-temperature, high-pressure gas to the condenser, condenses into a high-pressure liquid by dissipating heat, flows through the filter drier, removes water, filters out impurities, and then throttles the liquid through the capillary into the evaporator, at this time, due to the sudden decrease in pressure and the liquid quickly boils and evaporates and absorbs heat, so that the temperature in the box is reduced, and the low-pressure gas refrigerant that has been evaporated is sucked back by the compressor, and so on, the box/indoor temperature is reduced to the target temperature.

    Refrigeration system control system

    Hermetic and efficient compressor. Using microcomputer temperature control system, the temperature can be set freely.

    All copper condenser, evaporator. Temperature display resolution 0.1 degrees.

    Environmentally friendly refrigerant LED shows the temperature in the box and the set temperature.

    Capillary copper tube High precision PT100/thermocouple sensor with low error

    Full copper drier The temperature difference setting can adjust the fluctuation and save electricity.

    High-power cooling fan Temperature error correction, easy to complete the calibration of each unit.

    Start-up delay start, shutdown interval protection.




  • 1. The product adopts single compressor automatic cascade technology, and the cooling temperature of a single compressor can reach -160 °C.

    2. The equipment runs stably and reliably, and the cooling speed is fast.

    3. Easy to operate: simple connection to the power supply can be used, one key to start automatic operation.

    4. Low cost of use: just connect the power supply, the average electricity is less than 5 kWh per hour, no other wearing parts, consumables, safe and reliable.

    5. The box structure has. Vertical side opening door, horizontal top opening door structure. The box body adopts polyurethane integral foam insulation layer, which has good thermal insulation performance.

    6. The inner lining of the box is made of SUS 304 mirror stainless steel, which has good cold conductivity and beautiful shape.

    7. Computer thermostat, small error, accuracy up to 1-2 degrees, automatic control of the temperature in the box.

    8. Temperature digital display, high temperature control accuracy, stable and reliable performance, easy operation.

    9. The compressor runs smoothly and has low noise to ensure a comfortable working environment.

  • Device model: RXDW80-100

    Temperature range: RT~-100°C

    Temperature control accuracy: 0.1 degrees

    Internal volume: 80 liters

    Internal size: 400*400*500mm

    External size: 900*900*1250mm

    Working environment: temperature 10~30°C, humidity 20~85%

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