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Pot type cold trap




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Pot type cold trap

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  • -95°C/-135°C pot cold trap is a small ultra-low temperature freezing equipment, suitable for electronic components nano-waterproof treatment, Parylene vacuum coated cold trap, biochemical petroleum experiment, cryogenic liquid bath, gas capture, pharmaceutical freeze-drying and other uses. The size and cooling method of the cold trap can be individually customized according to the needs of users.

    The important role
    of cold traps in vacuum operation

    1. Improve vacuum efficiency

    The oil, gas and water vapor in the vacuum chamber are condensed into liquid by the low temperature of the cold trap, reducing the influence on the vacuum degree. Freeze vacuum drying is a common drying method, taking 1g of ice as an example, it can produce 0L of water vapor at 1.10000 Torr. The moisture inside the drying chamber will produce a huge amount of water vapor. If these water vapors are only eliminated by the vacuum pump, the working efficiency of the vacuum pump will be extremely reduced. The low temperature of the cold trap can directly condense water vapor in the cold trap part, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency of the vacuum pump. This is why the low-temperature drying oven and the low-temperature centrifugal concentrator are equipped with cold traps.

    2. Reduce the influence of corrosive test gas vacuum pump

    In vacuum systems, corrosive reagents are often present. During the vacuuming process, corrosive reagents are converted into gas molecules, which flow through the pipeline through the vacuum pump and are discharged into the atmosphere. Corrosive gases can cause permanent damage to the vacuum pump when they flow through the vacuum pump, such as acid gases corroding the metal parts of the vacuum pump. Corrosive gases pass through the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, and if they are directly discharged into the atmosphere, they will also cause pollution to the air.

    The use of cold traps can effectively condense and collect corrosive gases before entering the vacuum pump, reducing the damage of corrosive gases to the vacuum pump.

    1. The freezer adopts non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant, and the single compressor natural cascade refrigeration cycle technology (taking into account the reliability of the equipment and energy saving and silence); The refrigerant is a fluorine-free environmental protection product, compressor. Refrigeration accessories, electronic control systems, etc. are imported well-known brands, which are durable.

    2. The freezer only needs to be connected to the power supply (220V~380V-50HZ) to be used, no other peripheral equipment, no wearing parts and consumables, safe and reliable, low cost.

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