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Tunnel type quick freezer

Quick freezing tunnel, tunnel quick freezer, assembly line quick freezer, can be customized according to customer requirements.




Tunnel Type Quick Freezer

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Tunnel type quick freezer

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  • Quick freezing tunnel, tunnel quick freezer, assembly line quick freezer, can be customized according to customer requirements.

    The quick-freezer freezes the center temperature of the quick-frozen items to -18 ° in a short period of time to achieve no loss of nutrients and no color and crystal transparency. It is a high-efficiency freezing device that can freeze a large number of products in a short time. It is possible to effectively and economically freeze a wide variety of products placed inside the freezer, such as meat, fish, shrimp, meatballs, vegetables, as well as prepared foods, dairy products, etc.

    Commonly used freezers and their characteristicsLet's take a look at:

    Single tunnel freezer is a quick-freezer with the simplest structure, which can be divided into mesh belt type and plate belt type according to the different forms of conveyor belts used.

    The mesh belt used in the mesh belt freezer is divided into two types: steel wire mesh and plastic steel mesh, and the characteristics of the mesh belt freezer are as follows: simple structure, reliable operation and long service life. The mesh belt can be ventilated up and down, the freezing speed is fast, the strapping device is added, the blowing method is changed, and it is easy to achieve fluidization. It is suitable for products with a short freezing time, such as: fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, flour foods, cold food, etc. Large footprint.

    Device performance description

    The tunnel freezer is composed of inlet port, insulation storage body, discharge outlet, transmission system, circulating air system, evaporator, electronic control system, etc. Quick freezing time: The time depends on the ingredients to be quick-frozen. (For example: dumplings take 20 minutes, minus 40°C.) Buns take 15 minutes, minus 50°C, durian 30 minutes, minus 35°C. For mackerel, it takes 20 minutes, minus 60°C, and 35 minutes for fish and shrimp, minus 40°C. )

    1. Application field: almost all food quick freezing. Such as: fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, all kinds of pasta, ready-to-eat fast food and other convenience foods, as well as numerous dairy and baked goods.

    2. Features and advantages: There are a variety of width mesh belt standard options: 0.6 1.0 1.25 m, etc.

    (A) Fans that can jump speed are used for low temperature efficiency.

    (B) The smooth surface prevents food residues inside the device.

    (C) Comprehensive equipment can be automatically cleaned and automatically lifted. Tunnel freezer is a simple structure and efficient quick-freezing device. According to the different conveyor belts, it can be divided into tunnel mesh belt freezer and tunnel plate belt freezer. The mesh belt freezer is mainly suitable for the quick-freezing processing of seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits, pasta, dairy products and other foods. The freezing amount can be 150kg/h~1000kg/h.

    RXDW series mesh belt freezer?

    1. This series of quick-freezing devices forms a strong cold air vapor flow with a large flow rate vertically upwards, and adopts a unique air guide device to distribute the air reasonably and distribute the air flow evenly. Fully expose the material to strong cold air. The lower part of the mesh belt is equipped with an independent pulse vibration device, so that the void of the mesh belt is not blocked by frost, reducing the wind resistance and smooth airflow. And the material does not agglomerate, does not stick to the net and forms a monomer. The full fluidized monomer quick-freezing process has been realized, and the quick-freezing speed is fast, which greatly improves the freezing yield.

    2. The fluidized bed is a circulating and smoothly running mesh belt. The product is not deformed or broken to the maximum extent during the quick-freezing process. The mesh belt runs for stepless speed change, and the speed regulation range is wide, and the user can change the running speed of the mesh belt according to the different materials, thereby changing the freezing time. This series of quick-freezer can freeze a variety of vegetables, fruits, and can also use hole trays to quick-freeze seafood and pasta. In addition, there is a tunnel in the quick-freezing room, which can accommodate the tray cart for freezing the frozen goods on the plate.


    If the products you see do not meet your requirements, please contact us, we can produce according to your needs! Because the price will fluctuate with the market conditions, so if you want to know the latest price, welcome to call or consult online!

    Our aim: to provide the best cost-effective equipment and services for each customer with high-quality products, preferential prices, and complete after-sales service.

    After-sales service: all equipment enjoys lifelong maintenance, free replacement of new machines and lifelong after-sales technical support if there is a quality problem within one year!

    At the same time, our company designs and produces all kinds of food freezers, liquid freezers, tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, plate freezers, fruit freezers, etc., and can be customized according to the user's actual product type, quick-freezing volume, temperature, site requirements. It can meet the requirements of various industries for process quick-freezing and refrigeration.

  • Structural features:

    1. Simple structure, convenient operation and long service life.

    2. Made of imported equipment and stainless steel spring wire pressing, the surface is flat, and the width of the mesh belt can be selected according to the requirements.

    3. Adopt heat fluctuation blowing method, high freezing efficiency.

    4. According to the output requirements, single and double mesh belt combinations can be selected.

    5. Use water to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

    6. The imported frequency converter realizes stepless speed regulation, and the freezing time of frozen products can be continuously adjusted as needed, which can adapt to the processing of a variety of frozen products

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  • Application: It can meet almost all food quick freezing. Such as: fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, all kinds of pasta, ready-to-eat fast food and other convenience foods, as well as numerous dairy and baked goods.


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