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Spiral freezer

Spiral freezer is a kind of compact structure, wide application, small footprint, large freezing capacity of efficient and energy-saving quick-freezing device. At present, it is the preferred equipment for frozen meat and other frozen products such as quick-frozen meat at home and abroad.




Spiral Freezer

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Spiral freezer

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  • Spiral freezer Vegetable spiral freezer Corn spiral freezer product introduction:

    Spiral freezer is a kind of compact structure, wide application, small footprint, large freezing capacity of efficient and energy-saving quick-freezing device. At present, it is the preferred equipment for frozen meat and other frozen products such as quick-frozen meat at home and abroad. The spiral freezer represents the development direction of today's freezer market and is the preferred model for modern frozen food enterprises. According to the structural form, it can be divided into single spiral freezer and double spiral quick freezer.

    Single spiral freezer:

    1. Compact structure, small footprint, only equivalent to 1/3~1/2 of other forms of quick-freezers with the same output;

    2. High output, multi-layer structure form, large library capacity;

    3. Efficient use of energy, uniform product freezing, wind farm layout can be reasonably designed according to frozen products;

    4. Easy to use, the selection of inlet and outlet is flexible and flexible, and all four sides of the warehouse body can be used as inlet and outlet ports, but the import and outlet can only be one high and one low. Easy to match with other equipment to form streamlined production;

    5. Wide range of frozen products: noodle food, aquatic products, fried food, meat food, cold food and other small packaged foods are acceptable.

    Structural composition:

    The spiral freezer is mainly composed of transmission part, evaporator, library plate and electrical device

    The transmission part is composed of a transmission motor, a mesh belt, a turret and an independent frequency converter;

    The evaporator is composed of stainless steel and aluminum fins, arranged with a variable pitch to ensure smooth wind circulation, and the evaporation pipe can be aluminum tube and copper tube;

    The library plate is made of stainless steel;

    The electrical system is composed of stainless steel electric box and intelligent control device;

    Single towers are up-in, down-out, or down-in, up-out. The twin towers are down-in, down-out.

    Screw conveyor has become one of the important equipment in the whole production process. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, low resistance, long life, convenient maintenance and complete protection devices are the remarkable characteristics of screw conveyors.

    Before the screw conveyor is running, first confirm that the screw conveyor equipment, personnel, and transported items are in a safe and intact state; Secondly, check that the moving parts are normal and free of foreign objects, check whether all electrical lines are normal, and the belt conveyor can be put into operation when it is normal. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the equipment does not exceed ±5%.

    Flexible customization: the spiral cooling tower can be customized according to the specific conditions of the customer's plant

  • Spiral freezer Vegetable spiral freezer Corn spiral freezer introduction and features:

    Double spiral freezer is a new series of products developed on the basis of single spiral freezer. This model adopts two rotary drum left and right spiral running structure, which increases the freezing amount, and the relatively small increase in volume fully reflects the advantages of compact structure and small footprint of spiral freezer. The machine is simple to operate and widely used, it is not only suitable for pasta, vegetables, shrimp, vegetable rolls, meat skewers and other foods with short freezing time, but also suitable for freezing large pieces of food such as cut meat, ice cream, fish, etc. The stainless steel material conveyor belt of the double spiral quick-freezing device rotates spirally in the freezing room, so as to realize the rapid freezing of materials. The air distribution method of top blowing and side blowing is adopted respectively, and the freezing time can be selected in the range of 20~90 minutes. It is suitable for rapid freezing of conditioned food, small packaged food, cut meat, ice cream, etc., and can also be used for seafood, fruits and vegetable products that are not suitable for liquefaction and quick freezing.

    Double spiral freezer features:

    1. Large freezing amount: Due to the use of double turret spiral structure, the characteristics of spiral quick-freezer are brought into greater play, so the double helix structure is especially suitable for large-scale quick-frozen food enterprises.

    2. The structural design is more suitable for modern production: the inlet and outlet of the single spiral quick-freezing device can only be divided into two forms: upper and lower or lower inlet and out, while the double spiral inlet and outlet are below, and the choice of inlet and discharge direction is also more flexible, and it is easier to combine with other supporting equipment to achieve modern assembly line production.

    3. Suitable for frozen products more extensive and more flexible: because the structure design of the two spirals can be carried out separately, for cooked food quick-freezing production enterprises can eliminate the pre-cooling process and equipment, so that the pre-cooling and quick-freezing process is completed at one time, the double spiral quick-freezer is also suitable for quick-freezing block foods that need a little longer.

    Introduction: Spiral freezer is a kind of compact structure, wide application, small footprint, large freezing capacity of energy-saving rapid freezing equipment, is currently used by domestic and foreign food processing enterprises for frozen meat and other frozen products with large thickness, large volume, high feeding temperature of the first choice model.



    1. Large freezing capacity, due to the use of double drum structure, the characteristics of spiral freezer are brought into greater play;

    2. Compact structure and small footprint;

    3. A large number of machined parts are used to eliminate the transmission accumulation deviation and transmission inconsistency caused by welding deformation and welding stress concentration caused by welded parts;

    4. Conveyor belt, its strong elongation resistance and high wear strength, so as to improve the service life and stability of the equipment;

    5. The equipment is equipped with a mesh belt operation self-test device, which can monitor the operation status of the mesh belt at any time, eliminating unnecessary losses caused by poor operation of the mesh belt.

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  • Scope of application:

    Prepared food, ice cream, pastry, cut meat and poultry, aquatic products, fried food, small packaged food, etc.


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