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Drifting snow machine

In order to create the effect of real drifting snow under natural conditions, and to create high-quality and large amounts of natural snow.




Artificial Real Ice Skating Rink

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Drifting snow machine

  • Main features
  • Model
  • Application
  • Snow drifters

    In order to create the effect of real drifting snow under natural conditions, and to create high-quality and large amounts of natural snow. The snow drifter forms natural snow through compressor refrigeration, and the natural principle of air flow with strong power promotes uniform snowflakes to float to an altitude of 10-18 meters. Coupled with various colors of lighting, the color of snow that consumers want evolved. Snowflakes flying in the sky instantly filled the entire space, and the scene was spectacular and romantic. With remote by-wire switch, it is more convenient to operate, suitable for large-scale performances, parties, amusements, watching, etc.

    Snow drifter working condition requirements

    1. Power supply requirements: international standard all-electric power supply

    2. Standard ice production: water supply temperature 16 °C, ambient temperature 25 °C

    3. Applicable working conditions: ambient temperature 5 °C ~ 40 °C, water temperature 0.5 °C ~ 35 °C

    4. Special working conditions: ambient temperature -30°C~60°C, water temperature 0.5°C~46°C

    5. Thickness of ice flakes: 1.5~2.2mm

    The efficacy of snowflakes

    1. Make people feel the reality of snow

    The principle and method of snow drifting is different from the outdoor snow guns used in ski resorts, and the snow drifts from the top of the room, making people feel the reality of snow falling from the sky. (Our patented technology)

    2. Attract customers and increase economic benefits

    The fact that you can see snow at any time of the year makes it feel magical and strange, and it attracts many customers.

    3. It is conducive to good health (snow room, snowman room, snowfall room of high-end sauna)

    Promote digestive function: When the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the blood circulation in the abdominal cavity is strengthened, and the intestinal peristalsis is accelerated, which can effectively improve digestion and absorption capacity. All long-term cold stimulation exercise people have a strong appetite and rarely have indigestion. Beneficial to the skin When the skin is exposed to cold stimuli, the capillaries and subcutaneous blood vessels of the skin immediately contract, enhance the metabolism of skin cells, and promote the secretion of cortical glands.

    4. Make people fit in full

    When the skin is exposed to cold stimuli, the body produces more heat to resist the cold, so it consumes the heat in the body so that it is not stored as fat, so that the person is fully fit. Long-term cold stimulation exercise can increase immunoglobulin A, which can prevent and treat various diseases, and is comfortable and refreshing, and can exercise will and enhance confidence.

  • Snow drifter features

    1. All year round, all weather without seasonal temperature conditions, spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons of non-stop snow. Affect drifting snow.

    2. Light snow, medium snow, heavy snow can be adjusted at will, and the switch can be controlled remotely.

    3. There are many varieties, the amount of snow is selected according to demand, and the snow area is adjusted according to demand.

    4. Low running noise, strong and durable.

    5. Beautiful appearance, split design, small size, ceiling installation You can choose a variety of appearances to achieve the best effect.

    6. Non-standard customization according to user needs

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  • Where snow drifters are used

    Snow drifting machine is suitable for ice and snow art museum, ice sculpture art museum, ice lantern art festival, snow hot spring, snow theme bar, coffee shop, high-end restaurant, hotel lobby, SPA bathing center, snow sauna, snow cabin, outdoor shop and Christmas activities, various industrial experimental uses and popular science education.


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