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Mine cooling and refrigeration unit

Carefully designed, strictly constructed, and scientifically managed to create a world-class coal mine cooling system. Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment, Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment, Shenzhen Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment, Hunan Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment, Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment, Baise Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturer, Datong Coal Mine Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment.




Mine Cooling

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Mine cooling and refrigeration unit

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    Elaborate design, strict construction and scientific management have created a world-class coal mine cooling system. Coal mine cooling and refrigeration equipment, coal mine cooling equipment, Shenzhen mine cooling equipment, Hunan coal mine cooling and refrigeration equipment, coal mine cooling and refrigeration equipment, Baise coal mine cooling and refrigeration equipment, mine cooling and refrigeration equipment manufacturers, Datong coal mine cooling and cooling equipment. After the equipment is put into use, the temperature of the tunneling face can be reduced by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, which greatly improves the working environment of employees, protects the physical and mental health of employees, and promotes safe production.

    The main heat sources in coal mines are: heat release from surrounding rock in roadways, heat release in coal transportation, compression heat flowing downward (or upward) by wind flow, heat generated during the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, oxidative heat release and other heat sources. Due to the mining depth of the mine, the ambient temperature of -925M level exceeds 37°C, which is in the secondary heat damage zone. Among them, the whole system is important by the surface refrigeration system, ice water system and underground cooling and cooling system, the actual underground cooling system is an open system, that is, the return water flows back to the melting ice pool, the dust prevention water in the mining area is a small amount of water, can be connected from the cooling water pipeline, for dust prevention and spray cooling of the working face, thereby effectively reducing the underground ambient temperature and improving production efficiency. Ensure safe underground operation.

    Introduction to coal mine cooling methods: Coal mine cooling methods:

    1. It is to establish a refrigeration station and a cyclone near the surface wellhead, and generate a low-temperature refrigerant of -5 °C ± 1 °C through the refrigeration unit or other pre-cooling device.

    2. The -5 °C± 1 °C aqueous ethylene glycol solution produced by the main engine of the refrigeration station on the ground is exchanged with the clean water through the plate heat exchanger, and the water is cooled to 2 °C ± 0.5 °C and transported to the bottom of the mine through the pipeline. The air flow temperature of the working face is reduced by the air cooler.

    3. In the underground coal mine, the ethylene glycol aqueous solution at -3 °C ± 2 °C is exchanged for cold and heat through the high and low pressure heat exchanger, and the ethylene glycol aqueous solution is released and returned to the ground for recycling. High and low pressure heat exchangers produce 2°C±1°C low-temperature water or other refrigerants.

    4. The low-temperature water of 2 °C ± 1 °C is transported by the cold water pump to the air cooler installed in the machine lane of the mining face, and the air flow temperature of the working face is reduced through the air cooler to realize the cooling of the coal mine. Therefore, the cost is low, the cooling effect is good, and it does not pollute the environment.

    Our company independently develops, designs and produces professional mine cooling and refrigeration technology equipment. Mine cooling and refrigeration equipment is widely used in coal mine cooling equipment, iron mine cooling equipment, copper mine cooling equipment, gold mine cooling equipment, tin mine cooling equipment, tungsten mine cooling equipment and other mine cooling process industries that require low temperature cooling and freezing, and are also used in various ultra-low temperature laboratory low temperature cold sources, etc., which can meet the demand for process cooling sources for 24-hour continuous production in mine production.

    1. The refrigeration host adopts imported German BITZER Bitzer, American Copeland and other brands; Imported semi-hermetic screw compressor or fully enclosed scroll compressor, as the main refrigeration main engine, has the characteristics of stable performance, energy saving and high efficiency.

    2. 80% of other major refrigeration components are American ALCO. Danfoss, American Merson.Alfa Laval and other international well-known brands; with stable performance, safety and efficiency.

    3. Configure advanced automatic control system; It adopts German Siemens PLC programmable control system with LCD touch screen display, automatic power on and off, and automatically realizes unmanned operation management according to the predetermined work plan.

    Management functions such as diagnostics

    1. The control components such as thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves and check valves of international famous brands are selected to ensure efficient and reliable work of the unit in a wide range of working conditions

    2. The dual-cycle coupling refrigeration mode with energy saving device is adopted to improve the working capacity and energy-saving efficiency of the unit

    3. After the product is qualified by the comprehensive testing and full-load operation test of the manufacturer, it will leave the factory with refrigerant to ensure that the equipment can work after the water and electricity are in place

    4. The compressor is equipped with a patented exhaust gas absorber to ensure the low-noise operation of the unit

    5. Make full use of low-temperature cooling water, significant energy saving, and the unit makes full use of cooling water as low as 15 °C to obtain obvious energy-saving effects

    6. The heat recovery type adopts patented heat collector technology, and the heat recovery amount can reach 30%-40% of the cooling capacity in summer, and the heat recovery amount of the process chiller can reach 75% when used in winter.

    At the same time, our company can design and produce ultra-low temperature type, anti-corrosion type, explosion-proof industrial chiller according to the requirements of users. It can provide users with engineering design, equipment production, engineering installation, maintenance and other projects. Screw type low temperature chiller provides one year of free maintenance and lifelong maintenance. Perfect after-sales service, win the favor of our customers.

  • Unit design features:

    1. Independent refrigeration system design, multi-head unit is relatively independent, moving parts are minimized, reliable operation * The imported high-efficiency economizer semi-hermetic twin screw compressor is adopted, which has relatively high energy efficiency, reliable operation and long life * The compressor of each refrigeration system starts under the minimum load (25%), which effectively reduces the starting current and * impact on the power grid.

    2. The flexible energy adjustment design can make the unit adjust the continuous performance energy (stepless energy adjustment) between 25%-100%, ensure the full play of the compressor efficiency and help users save operating costs to the greatest extent

    3. Using high-precision large-screen touch screen, industrial-grade intelligent controller and advanced computer control system, fully digital Hanxian, and external equipment, remote users and control room connected through standard interfaces, the following multiple control functions can be realized. (1) Multiple protection functions: compressor exhaust overtemperature, motor overtemperature, cold water antifreeze and other temperature protection: overcurrent, phase loss, reverse phase and other electrical protection: refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, water cutoff and other extraordinary state protection

    (2) Necessary alarm, prompt, record, retrieval and other maintenance and management functions can be set for the above protection functions

    (3) Automatic power on and off, automatic unmanned operation management according to the predetermined work plan

    (4) Multiple password settings to ensure that the equipment will not be stopped or damaged due to accidental factors



    Main features of the system:

    1. Apply heat-electricity-ethylene glycol low-temperature refrigeration and cooling technology, and reduce the average ambient temperature of the mining face by more than 8 °C after implementation.

    2. The self-developed high-pressure heat exchanger is the largest working pressure cooling equipment in China (working pressure 12MPa), filling the domestic gap.

    3. This system can simultaneously supply cooling to the underground working face and ground building, and is currently the largest system combining well cooling and ground central air conditioning at home and abroad.

    4. The domestic advanced evaporative absorption refrigeration technology and low-temperature compression refrigeration technology are optimized and integrated, and the system is reliable and stable.


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